Go behind the scenes of ITV Love Your Garden 2015! Here are all the photos of the team, showing how we create the gardens you see on TV.


1 This has got to be one of the most spectacular views that we’ve had working in a back garden. It’s always nice when you’re grafting and laying paving to come out and see that view. Unfortunately while we were filming the farmer decided to come and cut the field, making it challenging for the soundmen and for continuity. But what a view!



2 Here is a shot from the beginning of the makeover. Before everyone gets in, Frosts Landscapes come and prepare the garden. But trying to get everything level on this plot was a nightmare. It always starts with heavy machinery and here’s Matt on the digger.



3 You can’t tell from this photo, but it was pouring down with rain. It was before we had chance to put up the marquee so we’re all standing under the eaves of the house trying not to get wet.



4 Frances is taking a rest on our traditional garden seating that is reserved for Love Your Garden presenters: the kerb. We’re just about to get filming on the first day and we’re waiting for everything to arrive.



5 I’m carrying the wood into the garden here. We needed lots of planks to shore up the back of the garden and get it as level as possible. Now I’m looking at the picture I think it seems quite biblical, as if I’m holding a crucifix! I promise it wasn’t planned that way.



6 It was a sisterly episode this week. Here is Frances and her sister who came to help out with the show. It looks more like a pose from the Kray twins than the Tophill Two! But it was nice to see her again.



7 Katie gets given the front garden on this show and here she is marking out the space. All of us end up with boots that have white or yellow toes and people ask us: what’s that on your shoes? It’s when you mark out lines with these spray cans and always end up painting your own feet.



8 Look at these – actual seats! I don’t know where these came from! But Frances and I nabbed them sharpish to put our feet up and relax. It was a very hot day so we had a little chat during our tea break. Lovely.



9 This is a picture of Storm Bringer! Lloyd is our soundman and whichever episode he is working on, we always get rain. In this photo it is one of the hottest days of the year in July. Storm Bringer turns up and look those black clouds following him! Typical.



10 These are our caterers. They cook the food for us for breakfast and lunch. They do a great job and we all (especially me) love the food – it’s marvellous.



11 In fact, here is Katie getting caught stuffing her face! Look at what she is eating – bananas on toast! And there’s Tam acting as her bouncer while she tries to scoff it down. Nice try Katie, but I saw you.



12 Even more food-related photos now. Kevin is always trying to get on these blogs and here he is chowing down on a bacon sarnie. That’s going down a treat!



13 This is Andy, Alan’s driver. What a coincidence – the portaloos were called Andy’s loos. Yes, you can do your poos in Andy’s loos! He’s not impressed that they’ve copied his name.



14 This is a shot of producer-directors Natalie and Will. This is when we went out filming for the garden shading, looking for the right style to take back to the makeover. It was a boiling hot day and we needed some shade!



15 Here are Kevin and Marcus carrying a pallet. Kevin is quickly realising that it’s heavier than he thought. And no wonder – look at that cheeky monkey Thea in the middle! She’s our associate producer and she’s snuck into this pallet for a ride.



16 Poor Marcus. He went in there to try and fix part of the roof and can you believe it – some of the other Frosts Landscapes lads locked him in! What a cheek. Still, time for a photo before I let him out.



17 Here is Alan instructing everyone on where to be planting with the camera crew at the back. The garden is just starting to come together.



18 Here is a picture of the alleyway. This gives you an idea of the challenges I face as a landscaper. That is my barrow in the foreground and Marcus is just in front. We’re trying to wheel some compost into the garden but we can’t get in! Cameramen, soundmen and directors are all in the way. It’s a constant battle to navigate your wheelbarrow around the whole production crew.



19 This is a shot for the girls! It’s carpenter Sam. He’s licensed to thrill – or drill. He’d better get a move on and do some work instead of posing for the blogs all the time – he’s worse than Kev.



20 Frances and I are modelling some sunglasses for Macular Awareness Week with the Macular Society. It’s a great charity and we love to help raise awareness. Plus I love those glasses! I wish I could keep a pair.



21 Here is Matt helping put together the beautiful bird bath feature with the glass. It looked amazing when it was finished.



22 Hayley is here with Frances’ sister putting together the framework for the picture. That took us a long time. It was supposed to be a nice easy job but we ended up spending hours and hours on it. Even our director had to get down on her knees and get stuck in!



23 These are the singers rehearsing. They really looked the part when they were dressed up in their vintage clothes.



24 As soon as the girls had finished, the Frosts Landscapes lads thought they would have a go at some singing. They were trying to do some Arctic Monkeys numbers – well they certainly look like monkeys. Matt was definitely getting into it! Sam is rocking those glasses and Kevin is looking soulful.



25 Here is the finished garden. I loved this design – it had a lot of fluid movement. The paving was amazing and there were loads of features. It was also a pleasure to see the two lovely ladies enjoying their new garden.



26 This picture cracks me up. I love these two dog cushions. Little touches like this give a garden such a lot of personality. It was lovely to be part of this makeover.

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