When the weather isn’t great, some of the best gardening projects can be done indoors. And growing plants on your fridge door is a great way to make the most of your space.

If you already have succulent plants in your garden, you can even make these using just cuttings. If not, you can buy small succulents at garden centres.

How to prepare the corks

For this, you will need wine corks. But they have to be real cork – plastic won’t work because it doesn’t hold moisture required by the succulent. Chop some in half to make smaller planters.

Use a drill or knife to make a hollow in the top of the wine cork. Just a couple of centimetres should be enough.

Attach a flat magnet to the back of the cork with some superglue. You can buy them from DIY or craft stores.

How to take cuttings

Take hold of a strong lower leaf on the succulent. Gently but firmly wiggle it until you feel it snap away from the stem. Make sure the leaf is intact – if you tear the leaf, it will not grow into a new plant.

Lay the cuttings out to air dry for a few days. This step is vital to make sure they don’t rot.

Then you’re ready to ‘replant’ the succulent. Lay them on top of some free-draining soil and leave in a brightly lit place. A windowsill with indirect sunlight is perfect.

Water the soil occasionally when it looks dry. After a couple of weeks you should see little leaves forming at the end of the cutting, and roots growing into the soil.

When the cutting is ready, the ‘mother’ leaf will start to wilt. You can detach it from the new plant or let it come away naturally. This usually takes at least two weeks.

How to make the fridge planters

Spoon a small amount of fine soil into the planters. It helps if this is a bit gritty – succulent plants hate waterlogged soil.

Then insert your succulent plant. Take care not to damage the roots.

Use a knitting needle or cocktail stick to gently pat some more soil around the roots. Water lightly with a dripper or a jug with a fine spout. You will need to moisten the cork like this every couple of weeks.

Attach the corks to the fridge and keep checking on your succulent garden as it grows.

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