As we step further into spring and summer, we tend to crave lighter and fresher meals that are tasty and satisfying. This chickpea tabbouleh is a perfect addition to the dinner table as a main meal, side dish, or in a large serving bowl at a buffet or barbecue. Follow the easy steps on the recipe card below.

Tabbouleh is a salad that originated in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Arab world, usually served as part of a mezze, a selection of small dishes. It’s mainly made with parsley, tomatoes, mint, onion and bulgar. Bulgar is a cereal made from different types of wheat and is often used in salads and breads.

How to grow radishes


Prepare the ground by digging over and removing any stones or weeds.

For the best results, sow seed from February and September, very thinly about 2.5cm apart and 1.5cm deep. Sow a few seeds every two weeks for a continuous supply through the season.

Seedlings should appear between 7-14 days after the sowing date. Water evenly, or heavily in dry weather, not allowing the soil to dry out.

Radishes may become dry and woody in July and August – if you want to grow radishes in high summer, look after them with lots of water.


Chickpea tabbouleh recipe card

Use this handy guide to make the chickpea tabbouleh, click the button below to download the guide.


Create a delicious mezze by pairing with some delicious olives, cheese, falafel, and flatbreads.

Whether you’re putting on a spring or summertime spread, or want a light and tasty lunch or dinner, this dish packs a punch of flavour and texture. The colourful dish is a feast for the eyes too.

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