I love Chelsea Flower Show. It’s has a fantastic atmosphere, and it’s great to see so many people coming together over a love of horticulture.

My favourite thing to do is wander around and see all the plants that are on offer. The best place for this is actually inside the pavilion, where the growers set up stands to show off their best produce. They’re always happy to tell you a bit about them too! It’s a great way to pick up tips if you’re not sure how to care for a plant, or if you want to try something new.

Here are my ten favourite plants from this year’s show:

Scadoxus Multiflorous

David Domoney scadoxus

This has to be my favourite flower this year. It looks like an allium, but it’s actually a scadoxus. It has bold flower heads and snazzy orange petals. I’ll be planting a few in my garden.

Auricula Star Wars No1

auricula David Domoney

What a great name! Auriculas make great houseplants and this one has lovely delicate flowers with rich-coloured edging.

Daffodil Chromacolour

daffodils chromacolour

This daffodil has really bright, unusual colours. It really shone out from the display and will give any garden a burst of spring colour.

Chrysanthemum Zivena


Flowers with green petals are a great surprise to have in a flower bed or border. This is a big, bold plant that’s really different.

Clematis the Countess of Wessex


Clematis is a classic British plant. Every garden needs a climber for walls and fences, and this is a lovely modern twist on the traditional white flower.

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Nectarascordam Tripedale


I love the delicate pink of these flowers. Pointy petals also bring a sharper edge to your beds and borders.

Fenella Strawberry


Who doesn’t love strawberries? They’re incredibly easy to grow in this country – try planting them in a strawberry pot for fresh fruit all summer! Did you know they’re also one of the only fruits whose seeds are on the outside? There were some fabulous displays at Chelsea this year.

Pinus Mugo


Bonsai trees never go out of fashion, and this one is a beauty. It’s like a miniature version of a full-sized tree! Plus they’re really easy to care for.

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Fuchsia Wendy Bendy


Sometimes, you just need a burst of colour. Fuchsia is a fantastic flowering shrub, and this one has big bright blooms. They always make me think of summer.

Lily Hybrid Tiger Babies


This is a fantastic bold lily with great colours. It’ll add a wild element to your garden – they always look exotic.