Project Description

insect-hotel-round how to make insect hotels step by step

Our gardens are home to a huge range of living creatures. It’s estimated that the average garden contains 2000 insect species!

Insects play a very important role in the garden. They eat pests, pollinate plants, contribute to the ecosystem and attract other wildlife like birds.

But their numbers are dropping because of a lack of habitat. So it’s up to us gardeners to help them out!

Here’s my FREE guide on making your own insect hotels from recycled materials.

It covers:

  • Which insects live in hotels
  • A step-by-step guide to making bug hotels
  • What materials to use
  • How to assemble the hotel
  • Choosing the right site to hang the hotel
  • How to take care of the insects that come to stay
  • Plus loads of great insect projects to do with kids

How to make a bamboo bumblee hotel. In this link are great insect hotel ideas to make from recycled materials!