Feeling festive? Crack out that mixing bowl and don your Santa hats, it’s time to make some of my favourite Christmas iced biscuits!

Not only do they taste spectacular, they are also like a miniature craft project in themselves.

Decorate them to look like snowflakes or used coloured icing to paint a portrait of Rudolph or Santa himself and then hang them on the tree as decorations until you’re ready to eat them (if you can wait, that is…!). If you make a double batch, you can also take them to family and friends as a beautiful gift wrapped up in cellophane and ribbons.

This recipe makes gorgeous, warming gingerbread biscuits that are perfect for munching around the fire on a cool December evening. Don’t forget – you’ll also need a rolling pin for rolling out the dough and some cutters for cutting out the biscuits. Our family favourites include snowflake and Christmas tree-shaped cutters decorated with colourful icing…!

Christmas biscuits recipe

Enjoy these fantastically festive Christmas biscuits with your loved ones and get in touch on Instagram to share your finished creations @daviddomoney.

Happy Christmas!

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