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Want to eat food you grew with your own hands? Growing your own veg is soaring in popularity. It saves money, reduces air miles and cuts pesticide use. Plus it’s fun and rewarding!

Don’t feel daunted by veg gardening. You don’t need an allotment or a greenhouse. You don’t even need a garden – many crops thrive in pots on the patio, driveway or balcony!

Sweet, juicy homegrown tomatoes? Grow your own veg with David Domoney

Sweet, juicy homegrown tomatoes?   06photo/

Feel the satisfaction of serving homegrown food at the dinner table. I’ll guide you along the way to a successful veg plot. Discover the best way to sow seed, raise plants and pick the most flavoursome harvest.

Every month I will provide free growing guides for our most popular veg varieties.

Each guide contains:

  • Advice on sowing seed for the best germination rates
  • How to care for seedlings, including thinning and spacing
  • Step-by-step instructions for growing plants to maturity
  • Watering and feeding tips for high yields
  • Harvesting advice for the best taste
  • Fun facts and my exclusive expert tips


My guides also include advice on preparing the soil for best results. Plus download my annual planting calendar that shows sowing, planting and harvesting times.

All of these incredible resources are free for you to use, print out and keep.