Give kids the joy and excitement of gardening and make them eager to play, grow, and learn more – and even win a cash prize to boost their efforts.

As more people than ever take to their gardens during these unprecedented times, we’re receiving record entries for our Cultivation Street 2020 campaign, sponsored by Miracle Gro® and supported by the Sunday Mirror.

From sensory gardens to orchards, schools nationwide are helping pupils turn under-used spaces into delightful and delicious displays. To inspire your kids to grow for gold with our Cultivation Street contest, I’m sharing four of this year’s stand-out entries so far…



Empty Tic-Tac boxes are perfect for storing

leftover seeds; just remember to label them so you

know what they are.

Reader questions

When and how should I prune rhododendrons?


Rhododendrons don’t need lots of pruning except to remove any dead or diseased wood and flowers. If the bush has overgrown, it can be cut back hard in spring by removing about a third of each stem’s length. Then mulch, water and feed (especially if the soil conditions are poor) to encourage new growth.

How can I keep my hanging baskets moist? They seem to dry out very quickly

fresh radishes

When planting up your basket, bury a water bottle diagonally with holes spiked into it, so that just the top pokes slightly out of the edge of the basket. Once the bottle is filled with water, it will gradually seep out into the soil to keep it moist, and you can add more water easily to keep it topped up.

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