The trend for purple plants shows no sign of subsiding! Purple flowers have depth and an air of romance. And you can find a large range of purple varieties in mid to late summer when temperatures are highest.

So I hunted through the Floral Marquee at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show to find some great purple plants to inspire you.

Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’


This is a striking plant with rich, deep purple flowers. Its upright flower spires look great in the border, adding height and form. Combine with round flower heads and flat, open flowers for a mix of shapes.

Salvia works strangely well at the front of a border, used as a screen. You can see the other plants through its spires.

Nepeta racemosa ‘Walker’s Low’


Catmint is a wonderful plant to grow in the garden. But beware if you don’t like cats – they love the smell of it!

This one has lovely pale purple flowers and makes great ground cover. It releases a gentle fragrance when brushed, so plant it near pathways. It’s also popular with bees!

Clematis Warsaw Nike

clematis-warsaw-nike best purple plants

This gorgeous deep purple clematis will grow in sun or partial shade. It flowers in early summer, but will give another display in autumn.

Combine it with a late-flowering clematis variety for flowers all year.

Verbena Homestead Purple


Verbena Homestead Purple produces small half-spheres of flowers held aloft on long stems. The blooms are a pinky-purple shade that works well with the yellow-green foliage.

It grows happily in the border or in a container. Pot-grown plants can be brought indoors in autumn to flower all the way to December!

Hydrangea Deep Purple

hydrangea-deep-purple flowers

I love this rich, dark hydrangea. It’s an unusual blue-toned purple colour and looks fantastic in the garden.

Shrubs are great plants because they are high impact but low maintenance. And this mophead hydrangea will really make a statement in the border.

Streptocarpus ‘Falling Stars’


This is a gorgeous container plant for a partially shady spot. It has bluey-purple flowers with white centres and dark veins.

Deadhead the spent blooms regularly to encourage it to keep flowering.

Salvia verticillata ‘Smoldering Torches’


This salvia is really eye-catching. It produces little spheres of flowers at intervals along the stem.

It’s great for height and texture in a border display, especially rising out of the planting. Combine with ground cover and other tall, striking plants.

Primula capitata ‘Noverna’

primula-capitata-novena best purple flowering plants

This is an Asiatic primrose that suits cottage, woodland and alpine gardens. It has striking flower heads with dappled white colouring on top.

It flowers from May to September and likes a sunny or partially shady spot.

Embrace the purple trend in your garden! Which is your favourite?