There are loads of plants out there with rude names,  from Sticky Willy, Stiffcock to Virgin Thistle and Nipplewort. But have you ever looked at a plant and thought; that looks like something else entirely?

Here are my 5 favourite rudest looking plants!

1. Naked Man Orchid


Orchids are beautiful, delicate flowers but there are some that, if you look closely, resemble something else. There’s a Lion Orchid, a Bee Orchid and even The Naked Man Orchid.

These rude little flowers appear to be naked hanging men with *ahem* surprising detail…

2. Sexy Lips

Psychotria Elata has another name: Sexy Lips. Belonging to a tropical tree found in Central and South America, the plant apparently changed to look bright and lip-like to attract pollinators.

3. Peter’s Pepper

The Peter Pepper is sometimes known as the penis pepper! Its unusual shape draws lots of laughs, but its taste may not. This pepper is extremely hot and is added to lots of Mexican dishes.

4. Cheeky butts

Lithops ruschiorum nelii or living stones, are succulents that grow some strange looking heads that look a little like a bottom, or this one in particular looks like a naked rugby scrum!

5. Mushroom boobs

There are loads of mushrooms that have what look like nipples on the top. See if you can spot any next time you’re out on a woodland walk.

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