QI recently had some stone walls built and asked for a central bed to be left to plant in. I would like something evergreen to be planted. I always like the plant which sprawls over walls and has hundreds of little blue/purple flowers but have no idea what it is called. I’d really appreciate any ideas that you have for planting such beds as it surrounds around half of my garden. Thank you.


AI think you are thinking of aubrieta, which is a good choice. It flowers in spring and early summer, and grows best in poor, shallow soil.

There are loads of plants to fill that kind of space. Woody Mediterranean herbs are a good choice, like lavender and rosemary. Evergreens like ivy and creeping Jenny will trail down the wall too.

If the space is shallow, try alpine plants – they are naturally found in rocky spots and will grow well in poor or shallow soil. Sedum and saxifrage are always good choices. Look for carpeters too – they spread quickly and give good colour. Add in spring and summer-flowering bulbs for height.

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