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September: Turn over a new leaf

What a lovely start to September! The sun was shining over bank holiday weekend and it’s stuck around. As we step towards autumn, our gardens are slowly changing, with blooms beginning to fade, and autumn growth starting to emerge.

Even if your summer blooms are spent, it doesn’t mean your garden has to lack colour. Check out my top plants for the month to get your boost of vibrancy in your borders and containers. One of my favourite things about this time of the year is starting to see spectacular seed heads, and there are some plants that look fantastic even after they’ve flowered.

Mark the date in your diary for my next Facebook Live with Evergreen Garden Care on Friday 24th September at 4pm when I’ll be going live for a Chelsea Flower Show Special.

This month I’m very excited to be heading down to Chelsea Flower Show with my exhibit, My Houseplant Changed My Life, where I’ll be showcasing the top houseplants and the benefits they have on mental and physical health. In the meantime, you can find out more about how indoor gardening can boost wellbeing.

Then, on Sunday 26th September, I’ll be doing a talk at the Malvern Autumn Show so be sure not to miss out on the festival of gardening, food, drink and nostalgia!


Gardening tip of the month

This month is the time to be harvesting autumn-fruiting raspberries, use these tips to make the most of your harvest.


Harvest regularly by picking when they are at peak ripeness; plump, coloured and easy to pull off. Pick them when it’s dry, rather than on a rainy day.


Raspberries taste best when picked and eaten on the same day. However, you can store your unwashed fruits in the fridge and they’ll keep well for a few days.


When harvesting be aware that most varieties have thorns on the stems, so wearing gloves is advised so you can avoid being scratched.


Autumn-fruiting raspberries produce canes that flower and fruit in the same year. So, cut down the canes in winter, so new canes can grow the following year.

Top plants

Replace your summer bedding plants with these top picks that will bring joy to your garden this September to continue that summer feeling for a little bit longer.

Top job

As we step into a new season, we’re one step closer to…Christmas. Now is the time to start preparing by planting these picks so they’re ready for the festive season ahead.

Plants for purpose

It’s not only about winter colour from foliage, flowers and fruits because there is a huge array of winter shrubs that have wonderful fragrances too.

Indoor gardening

Create an indoor garden with these plants that will transform the look of your home and letting you garden from the warmth of your home on these chilly autumn days.

Hidden Nooks

Add some magic to your garden by incorporating secret spaces to escape to relax or socialise with family and friends with these top tips for creating a secluded spot.

Illumination Street

Illumination Street is back for a third year running, sponsored by British Garden Centres. The campaign motivates the nation to brighten up their front gardens with the spirit of Christmas, with £5,000 worth of prizes to be won.

My Houseplant Changed My Life

Order your copy of my indoor gardening book below:

Prizes that I was giving away in September 2021

Please note that they are now closed.

My latest giveaways can be found on my homepage. Just scroll down to find them.


Prize Draw Results

Here are the winners from August:

Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed Prize Draw Winners:
Phillip Harrison
Isabel Martin
Linda Hill
Kathy Cakebread
Maya Russell
Richard Barclay
Gillian Mills
Caroline Greaves
Eileen Middleton

OASE Algo Direct:
Kathleen Hooper
Hilary Blythe
Linda Wilson
Nina Green
David Barclay
Teresa Davies

Congratulations! Look out for even more prize draws throughout September…