David Domoney Glossary

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There are currently 8 names in this directory beginning with the letter N.
This usually refers to the place a plant was originally discovered growing, or can also be describing a plant that grows in the wild.

This means to establish a plant in a new environment, causing it to adapt to conditions it might not have when growing wild.

Nectar is a sweet fluid that is secreted by plants in order to attract pollinating insects that are beneficial to the plant. Honey bees then collect this liquid and turn it into honey.

This is usually used to describe soil that is neither alkaline nor acid and has a pH of 7.

This is the place on the stem of a plant from which new shoots, leaves or buds grow.

This is an acronym for the three main chemicals used in fetilisers; Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.

Nursery Bed
Sometimes people use a specific bed or border to grow seedlings and young plants before they are planted out into their final positions once they reach the appropriate size. This is called a nursery bed.

All plants need nutrients to survive. These are often called a plant’s ‘food’ and when we talk about feeding plants, what we really mean is supplying nutrients. Plants get their nutrients though soils, organic composts and fertilsers.