David Domoney Glossary

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This generally refers to a tomato plant that continues producing flowers and fruit until killed by frost. The main stem of the plant continues growing through the season producing a continual harvest of fruit.

This is a word to describe the way flowers and clusters of flowers are arranged on a plant.

Insecticides are chemical substances used to control and kill insects that commonly attack and eat plants. There are various different types depending on the target insect and type of plant.

This is a crop which can be grown in between rows of another crop. This is a method called interplanting, and is employed to save space and get a higher crop yield from a small space. The two crops must be able to grow easily side by side without competing for space and resources. Many varieties of crop benefit one another when planted in close proximity; these are called companion plants. Asparagus and Basil, for example are companion plants.

This is an automatic watering system that uses long thin pipes to supply a controlled amount of water to various plants around the garden.