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April: Satisfy the senses


We’ve had a few days of sun, so spring is definitely here, with so many blooms popping up to welcome the season.

Though there are plenty of jobs to be done in your beds, borders and veg patch, if you need a break from digging, weeding or planting, keep your tools and equipment organised and ready for repotting and planting by cleaning used pots and containers.

For ornamental inspiration, these top ten picks are bound to bring a burst of brightness to your planting scheme this month. Or if you’re looking for a themed bed or border, creating a peony garden will not only supply beautiful flowers, but a mass of fragrance for you to enjoy through spring and summer.

Thanks to everyone who has been tuning in to my Facebook Live shows. If you missed my show supported by Miracle-Gro® on Friday, you can catch up here. My next live show is on Wednesday 6th April at 1pm, sponsored by Hartman. In the meantime, you can check out the progress of my new grow-your-own area on Instagram and YouTube.

I’m a firm believer in the goodness of gardening, and the power that community gardening has to bring people together to spread joy. So, from the 4th to 10th April it is #CommunityGardenWeek, where I’d love to hear your community gardening stories. If you’re part of a community garden, sign up and enter Cultivation Street for a chance to win some incredible prizes.

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Spring means your garden soundtrack will be a-buzz with bees, so prepare for pollinators with these tips…

Make a bee hotel for solitary bees like mason bees. Solitary bees lay their eggs in tunnels in hard soil or dead wood, so a bee hotel mimics these conditions for them to nest in.


Get hold of some hollow bamboo canes, or drill out the pith, and gather them together in a frame or using the middle section of a large plastic bottle as casing for the bundle of bamboo.


When the bamboo is all tightly in place, attach some string to the bottle so it can be hung in a sheltered but sunny spot in the garden. Alternatively, attach your structure to a fence or wall.


Plant pollinator-friendly blooms nearby to keep bees happy. Lavender is an all-round win with evergreen foliage and flowers that look and smell great. Wallflowers, foxgloves and marigolds are also fantastic.


Top plants

April is a month of intense activity for both humans and wildlife. It’s time to get outside and start to fully appreciate all that our gardens have to offer us.

Up for grabs…

Be in with a chance of winning 1 of 10 Miracle-Gro® Peat-Free Fruit & Veg Planters to grow tasty harvests.

Plants for purpose

Peonies have been grown by gardeners for centuries. The flowers are a joy to behold on a sunny spring day. As well as enjoying your peony garden, they make great cut flowers too.

In it to win it

There’s an Oase Filtral UVC 1500 up for grabs, for guaranteed clear water and beautiful fountains in your garden.

Soil supplements

Just like we need to eat a varied diet to get the right nutrients into our bodies, plants need the same. Add supplements to your soil to ensure your plants get exactly what they need.

Choosing the right installer

Patios are a space for relaxing, dining and socialising in the garden, which is made easier when it’s laid properly. Not only that but it adds value to the home too.

Cultivation Street

5 lucky winners will receive a variety of David Domoney’s Mr Fothergill’s vegetable seeds for their school or community garden.

Vegetable calendar

Use this handy vegetable planting calendar to help you plan when to sow, plant and harvest the vegetables in your garden to get the most of your crops.

My Houseplant Changed My Life

You can order your copy of my book here.

My Houseplant Changed My Life is OUT NOW!

Here are the winners from March:

Yard Force 32cm cordless lawn mower
Irene Smith

Miracle-Gro® 40L Bag of Premium Fibre Smart Mulch
Eva Appleby
Danielle Havemann-Mart
Jason Menzies
Verina Garner
Margaret Adamson
Jayne Voisey
Anne Denham
Vicki Reis
David Nicolson
Sue Grzadowski

OASE Bottle of Safe and Care Dechlorination
Louise Rothwell
Angela Norton
Christine Lockley
Georgina Van Hien
Luke Emmerson
Adrian Clarke

Raised Bed
Twitter – Toby
Facebook – Natalie Gillham
Instagram – Leanne Abel
Website – Mary Ann Atkins, Marie Stewart, Suzanne Jackson

Congratulations! Look out for even more prize draws throughout April…