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April: Spring has sprung!


As we welcome April in, we can start saying hello to longer days of sun, gentle breezes, and the occasional April shower. This means we should soon start to see some beautiful spring growth in our gardens.

And this spring, it’s all about colour. Why not include some (or all, if you’re feeling adventurous) of my top twelve spring flowering plants to create a colourful garden? These vibrant flowers will liven up the longer evenings, bring pollinators and wildlife to your garden, and a smile to the face of the beholder.

If you’re stuck working inside as the weather improves, worry not! I’ve created a guide to the best houseplants for home offices of every aspect. From Japanese Sago Palms for south-facing offices, to Snake Plants for a North facing office. Take a look and bring a bit of the greenery into your office this April. Not only is it sure to look fantastic, but it’ll make you feel great too!

I’ve also teamed up with the brilliant Mr Fothergill’s Seeds to show you how easy it can be to grow food on your windowsill. Whether you’re short of outdoor space, or simply want to watch your dinner grow, take a look at how you can grow your own fruit, veg, and herbs, from the comfort of your own windowsill! It’s a brilliant way to get growing if you’re not sure where to start.

There’s nothing quite like welcoming Spring back after a cold and wet winter. I hope you’ll continue to join me in my garden as we enter one of my favourite growing seasons. For more behind the scenes of my garden, take a look at my YouTube channel.


Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Pruning is an essential part of keeping lots of plants happy and healthy. Most ornamental plants are best pruned in the dormant season, but, if they’re spring flowering, prune as soon as the flowers begin to fade.


Step 1.

If buds are visible, prune just above them to avoid leaving a long ‘snag’ of a stem which could encourage die-back. Allow around 3-4mm, to avoid damaging the actual bud.

pruning tip 2

Step 2.

If plants have alternate buds on their sides, cut at a slight angle in the direction the bud is pointing.


Step 3.

If the plants have pairs of buds opposite each other, make a straight cut to let both buds grow. Otherwise, cut at an angle to remove one of the pair, where you want a single stem.

pruning tip 4

Step 4.

Make sure you cut out any old or dead wood at the plant’s base, to encourage new shoots. If stems are crossing or growing close together, cut one out to prevent potential damage and disease.

Watch this…

There are lots of plants in our gardens that need a little extra support. Whether you’re growing Sweet Peas or Roses, discover how to get them climbing today.

Top Plants

Spring is a glorious time of year, when plants burst into leaves and start to flower profusely. So, don’t let April showers stop you enjoying what your garden has to offer.

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