Full sun is most people’s idea of heaven so, if you’re lucky enough to have a part of the garden doused with sun most of the day here’s my summer selection of plants guaranteed to make you smile… 

1. Pansies

First is great early spring bedding plant, ideal for pots or hanging baskets by the door to greet you when you get home.


2. Daffodils

An early-flowering bulb that comes in so many shades of cheering yellow! Many consider them to be the quintessential symbol of spring.


3. Crocus

Next are these beautiful purple flowers that look best pushing through the lawn. They are also one of the first flowers to appear in spring.


4. Helleborus

This is sometimes called the Lenten rose, and is a great flowering perennial for early colour.


5. Muscari

Grape hyacinths are popular bulbs and look best combined with other bulbs like daffodils and tulips.


6. Fruit tree blossom

I think that some of the best spring flowers bloom from the branches of crab apple and flowering cherry trees.


7. Hyacinth

Most people have these as a houseplant, but they make great garden plants too. And many have a heavenly scent.


8. Tulip

Tulips are stunning upright flowers that come in a huge range of colours. What’s more, they look especially striking as a bold display in the borders when most other plants are dormant.


9. Iris

A late spring-flowering plant that stands tall in the borders and has long strap-like leaves. Best planted in moist soil.


10. Lilac

This is a beautiful tree that produces delicate flowers in late spring. Many are scented, so cut off a few sprays and put in a vase to enjoy them in the house too.


11. Allium

A late-flowering bulb that is commonly called the flowering onion. Its tiny purple flowers grow in spears held high on strong stems.


12. Lily of the valley

Last is a beautiful late spring-flowering plant that produces sprays of delicate bell-shaped white flowers. It smells so sweet too!


With these 12 flowering plants you’ll have plenty of spring colour in your garden.

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