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June: Jump into summer

The sun is shining and it’s definitely lifted the spirits of the nation. It’s a busy time in the garden with borders bursting with blooms and fruits and veg on their way to being ready for harvesting.

For a glorious garden, my picks for the top ten plants for June will be sure to bring vibrancy and cheer to the spring and summer seasons. As well as planting out bright blooms, it’s the perfect time to harden off the seedlings in the greenhouse to acclimatise them to the outdoor environment.

Chelsea Flower Show may have been rescheduled from May to September this year, but you can catch up with my Facebook Live with Evergreen Garden Care where I shared how you can get the Chelsea garden look in your own space.

This week was National Barbecue Week, so get growing some of your favourite veggies to stick on the barbie and use my tips to get your barbecue ready for the summer season ahead.

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Care for your containers this month by ensuring they are in the best position with the right amount of moisture…


This month you can sow shallow-rooted veg such as pak choi, choy sum, broccoli raab and komatsuna to make an Oriental veg section in your edible garden.


Materials such as horticultural fleece, straw, polystyrene, and hessian can all be used in the garden to insulate plants from cold and wind.


Containers can dry out quickly, so move them so the base of the pots are in a shaded spot or surround the larger container with smaller ones as shields.


Although it’s June, we can still have chilly evenings and nights, so ensure there’s still a fleece on hand or space for plants to be moved to temporarily for shelter.

Top plants

For fireworks of colour from foliage and flowers, these top ten plants will be sure to put on a sparkling show in your garden this November.

Top job

Greenhouses and cold frames are filled with young seedlings ready to be planted out, but before you get started ensure they are acclimatised to the outdoors.

Plants for purpose

Transform your wall into a focal living feature with these top plants that grow well in those environments to cover the space with flowers and foliage.

Watch me…

Take a look at my top ten plants for wall cracks and crevices in this video that will inspire you to fill the nooks and crannies in your garden.

Water gardening

Install a water blade feature to create a stunning sheet of water that cascades down, whilst the sound of flowing water adds a peaceful atmosphere to the garden.

Watering the garden

As the weather warms up, your garden will need a refreshing drink to continue growing its best. Use these tips to ensure your plants don’t go thirsty.

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Prizes that I was giving away in June 2021

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Prize Draw Results

Here are the winners from May:

OASE – MudDrain – Winner – David Page
Yard Force – Robot Lawn Mower – Winner – Lorna Holland

Sulphate of Potash Winners
Emma Asante
Elisher Brown
Kathleen Fyson
Oliver Mather
Kenneth McPetrie

Ian Speight
Mr J Rose
Sally Collingwood
Sean Fortune
Lynda Graham

Sarah Jayne Biles
Jo McPherson
Caroline Greaves
Donna Caldwell
Jackie Wilson

Lisa West
Debbie Pettit
Mrs Kim Johnson
Emma Holmes
Fauzia Irfan

Congratulations! Look out for even more prize draws throughout June…