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October: Fall for autumn

The weather has taken a chilly turn, so those crisp autumn mornings have returned once again.

Autumn is a busy season, I always find it an exciting time in the garden because it’s nature’s time for planting. This is also the time to get preparations underway for your garden over winter to ensure your garden bounces back after the colder months.

Keep your garden looking glorious through October and beyond with these top ten plants. Through the cooler seasons, you may want to focus on your indoor garden a little more too, so check out my top houseplants for the kitchen.

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At this time of year, keep your garden looking fresh and prepare for next growing season by watching my video about which plants to overwinter. Hopefully these tips and shows will keep you inspired with ideas for your own garden. To see more of the behind the scenes of my garden, take a look at my YouTube channel.

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Get picking those pumpkins in time for Halloween. Whether you’re carving with the kids or want to create some spooky dishes for dinner.


The skin will have turned orange, be harder and won’t puncture when a finger is pressed against it. When tapping, the pumpkin should sound hollow too.


You can begin harvesting by carefully cutting the pumpkin away from the vine. Do not snap pumpkin off, instead use secateurs or a knife for a clean cut.


Cure the fruit outdoors in sunlight for 7-10 days. Cover them at night using cardboard or straw to protect the fruit against frost.


Store the fruits in a well-ventilated position at a temperature under 15 degrees centigrade. Remove any fruits that show signs of rot.

Watch this…

There’s no greater sight than when you look at your fruit bearing trees to see them laden with fruit. Find out what to do with fallen apples before they rot in this video.


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Top plants

Although autumn is well and truly upon us now, there are still lots of plants looking wonderful at this time of year. These will brighten your garden on even the darkest of days.

Giveaways galore

Be in with a chance to win a Yard Force VITA Garden Tool Kit that contains five handy tools for essential gardening tasks.

Top job

There’s nothing like the sweet scent of honeysuckle when it’s in full bloom. Make the most of it by transplanting it to the perfect position.

In it to win it

There’s an OASE biOrb Classic up for grabs which is a stunning aquarium that will transform any room.

Plants for a purpose

There’s a houseplant for every room within your home, and these top picks are a great place to start for your kitchen. Some of them have dual purposes within the kitchen too.

Overwintering plants

Some plants in the garden will need some protection from the colder weather as we move from summer into autumn and then into winter. Before the first frosts arrive, we want to protect our favourite plants.

Creating a stream

Benefit from the beauty of water by creating a beautiful pond-less stream in your garden. With these tips for practicalities and plants, you’ll have a thriving space.

Spooky plants for Halloween

As October arrives, there’s a certain spook in the air, so embrace the night of tricks and treats with plants inside and outside your home for Halloween.

Mix & match garden shapes

Just like the interior of our homes, different areas of our gardens have different purposes. With small or large spaces, create compartments to emphasise elements and shapes in the garden.

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