With summer and long evenings, there’s still a slight drop in temperature as evening settles in. But with the longer days, you want to make the most of your garden and the space it has to offer for relaxation and socialising. Having a fire pit in the garden will add a focal feature and bring a bit of warmth when the evening chill sets in.

Heating up

Bring height and interest to the space with raised fire pits. Depending on your garden size and style, there are many options to suit the space.

For example, circular fire spaces can achieve a soft and attractive shape which adds cosiness to the garden. Alternatively, the clean-cut design of a square fire pit lends itself to modern, contemporary gardens. Along the same lines are rectangular fire pits that can be a practical choice if you have a long, slim space.

As well as choosing the shape of the fire pit, seating around the fire pit can be used to emphasise the shapes of the feature. For example, a curved bench around a circular fire pit will highlight the curvatures of the garden.

Similarly, straight rows, benches, or pouffes like this Hartman one, can be the perfect frame for a square or rectangular one. You can either choose to accentuate the shapes by going down the route of similar shapes or mix it up to have a striking impact.

A round structure surrounded by squared seating combine different shape elements to draw attention to the focal feature.


Safety rules

Of course, the location of the fire pit is important, because it needs to be practical and safe. When positioning, steer clear of a spot that’s near buildings, trees, fences, or low hanging branches. Taking these precautions will reduce the likelihood of fire risk.

Though you may want to position your fire pit right in the centre of the lawn to make it at the middle of the design, this may not be the most practical solution. Instead, pick a position that won’t be in the way of garden games or valuable floor space that could be used for planting.


Building a fire pit

On a practical note, you can create a DIY fire pit in your home. Ensure you have the right tools, materials, and protective equipment for the job.

Get started with building a square structure by lining three fire bricks in a row. At the end, add another brick at a right angle which will start to form the second side of the square. Leaving 5mm between each brick will encourage airflow.

It’s also vital to use firebricks because their purpose is to cope with high heat, so they won’t crack.

Continue adding the lines of three bricks until the square structure is built.

For visual appeal, the outer square of the feature can be built using natural stone bricks that match the aesthetic of your garden.

Make it nice and robust by adding a second line of bricks. When the shape is final, mark around the edge with a spade and move the bricks out of the way so the turf can be dug up. The ground needs to be level when the turf has been dug out. Then, right at the centre of the square dig an extra hole and fill it with gravel which will encourage drainage.

After, the bricks can be put back into their position to form the inner and outer square. Build up the fire pit by adding three more layers of bricks. When adding the bricks on top, overlap the bricks to help create a strong structure.

Once these are in place, use gravel across the bottom to cover the base and the fire pit is ready for action.


Finishing touches

Add to the relaxing atmosphere of your fire pit by embellishing with furniture, soft furnishings, and plants that will seamlessly tie your garden design together. These will add to the visual beauty of the space, and also provide comfort for a cosy summer evening, or even through the colder months.

Pick some stunning garden lights to enhance the space too. Lantern style lights will bring an enchanting effect, or choose warm, hanging lights that will add an inviting atmosphere.


When the fire pit is built and embellished, you’ll be ready for evenings of socialising and relaxing all year round. Whether it’s summer barbecues or cosy autumn or winter evenings stargazing.

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