hands picking fresh lettuce in the vegetable garden

Are you thinking of growing your own veg this year? Put down those seeds until you have read my Ultimate Vegetable Planting Calendar. It’s a simple, easy-to-follow guide to growing all your favourite veg at home!

The calendar shows you the best times to sow, plant and harvest your crops so you can make the most of your plants.

Q I only have a small garden, can I grow vegetable crops?

A Of course you can!

I know that many people are pushed for space, with waiting lists for allotments running into years in some places. But there are loads of ways to grow veg without having acres of land.

Many species of veg have dwarf varieties that don’t grow as tall, making them ideal for smaller gardens. Some grow best against a wall, climbing upwards to make the most of your space.

A lot of veg is also suited to container growing – pots, planters and growbags all work well. You can put containers on patios, balconies and even in cool conservatories, and small pots can be hung from railings and walls.



Container growing is also ideal for people who rent their homes, as landlords don’t always allow you to dig up the garden. But containers allow you the freedom to grow almost anything you want, and can be picked up and transported to the next place if you move!

Very small plants can even be grown on sunny windowsills, providing it’s not sat over a radiator which will scorch the plant.

So you see, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I believe everyone should have a go at growing their own. It’s easier than it looks, and there really is nothing like eating food you’ve grown with your own hands.

Have fun and good luck!

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