It’s really easy to plant up a strawberry pot, and you can get great results with little effort. Strawberry pots are terracotta containers with a series of pockets around the outside. These are like little windows that let you grow even more plants in just one container!

Container growing

The advantage of planting in a strawberry pot is that you it doesn’t take up much space in your garden. Grow them on a patio, or if you don’t have a garden you can put the pot on a balcony. Plus, it produces an abundance of fruit!

Strawberries are beautiful plants because you get more than just the fruit – it has lovely foliage and flowers too.

Because a strawberry pot can hold so many plants, you can grow a range of varieties that flower and fruit at different times. Use early, mid and late strawberries and you’ll be picking and eating your own fruit almost constantly!


All you need is a pot, compost, some aggregate and strawberry plants and you’re ready to go.

Here are the steps from when I planted my own strawberry pot in my greenhouse.


First, line the pot with crocks or gravel to stop the drainage hole getting blocked with compost.

Any container needs good drainage to prevent the soil and roots from getting waterlogged.


Step 2

Now add in compost until it reaches just below the first window in the side of the pot.


Step 3


Put your strawberry plants on top of the compost and push the foliage through the hole.


Step 4

Fill any other holes on that level and cover with compost until you reach the next level. Repeat the process until all the holes have been filled.

Fill the rest of the pot with compost until there is about an inch between the soil surface and the lip of the pot.

This gives you a bit of extra space to fill it up with water. If the pot is too full of compost, it will spill over when you try and water it.


Step 5

Now plant a few strawberries in the top of the container. Eight plants around the outside and three in the top should give you plenty of fruit.

A top tip is to create a hole in the middle of a coffee filter and feed the plant through it, so when the plants are in position in the sides of the pot, the coffee filter will stop the soil from falling out but the material will still allow air to circulate and water to be absorbed and retained.


Water in well and put in a sunny position and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits! Growing strawberries in terracotta pots is a productive and aesthetically pleasing way of growing.

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