We are fully into the wonderful sun and heat of summer now. It is so important to make sure your beautifully planted hanging baskets stay hydrated!

Watch the following video where I demonstrate how to water your hanging baskets:

Why is watering important in the summer?

Keeping all your plants properly hydrated is the name of the game.

First, anything that grows in the borders themselves has a ready supply of water in and around the garden. Anything in pots and containers has been curated by you, and therefore rely on you too.

If they’re displayed outside your house, and you water them, it is not easy to ensure it is efficiently saturated.

If they have dried out, you can sometimes notice a dry husk on the surface of the soil. This means that the water just lands on top of it and rolls off rather than being absorbed.

Hanging basket

How do you water hanging baskets easily?


Step 1

Get hold of a decent, large tray. This can harvest the water as you’re watering.

Step 2

Unhook your basket, place it in your tray, and water it. Don’t worry about the water rolling off the edges if it is dry. The tray underneath holds the water, which can be absorbed through the bottom of your hanging basket.

A well developed root system

Step 3

Leave your hanging basket in the tray for a little while after watering. This will make sure that the whole basket has absorbed enough water. This will encourage decent root growth downwards, which you would find more difficult if just watering from the top.

Step 4

Hook your basket back up again! Repeat this process again if you have a particularly sunny or dry spell. Your floral displays will look all the better for it.

Guarantee that your hanging displays look wonderful all summer long by keeping them hydrated through even the driest of heatwaves.

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