Narcissus ‘Paperwhite’

Q Is it too late to pot up bulbs for early Christmas flowering?


A Not at all! I love narcissus papyraceus, known as paperwhite narcissus. They are tiny, delicate daffodils that flower profusely. They only take five weeks to flower, so you should have time to get them going before Christmas!

Plant now in small pots filled with peat-free potting compost and grit mixture. If the soil is too heavy it may get waterlogged, which is not good for bulbs. Put crocks in the base too to aid drainage.

Plant the bulbs just below the surface about 2.5cm apart. Store the pots in a dark place below 10C – a cellar or unheated shed is perfect.

When the buds form, bring the pots inside to the warmth and light. Do not place them above radiators. Good luck!

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