My guide to watering is designed to help you during dry spells, as gardens can dry out very quickly. This includes pots, containers, hanging baskets, lawns, plants and the border too.

Then, when we get a shower we think that the garden is watered, but the shower probably only penetrates the first few millimetres of the surface of the soil. This is why water is so important for your garden to flourish.

Here are my top tips for ensuring your whole garden is thoroughly watered.

1. Get the right attachment

Having a good hose attachment is much more effective than putting your thumb over the end of the hose. I like a good shower spray attachment to soak the soil, rather than just blasting the soil out of the way.

2. Shade is best

When the sun is blaring down on plants on all day, the plants can struggle. When you start, it’s best to move pots and containers away from direct sunlight and into the shade. This includes house plants that are kept on window sills too!

3. Irrigation

It’s not always easy to be there to water your garden, so why not get yourself a self-watering device. A porous hose has small holes along the length of it and seeps water into the soil throughout the day. A micro-irrigation system can also be used.

Alternatively, make your own using this handy tip.


4. Don’t cut the lawn!

In hot weather, it’s important that you don’t cut your lawn too short. The longer the blades, the more the lawn will be able to retain moisture.

5. Give fruiting flowers some love

Any plant that is in flower, or producing fruit needs more water than others, especially in warmer weather. Get them a good, regular supply of water, and make sure the plant isn’t dry when you feed it.

6. Get the broom out

Spraying water over the surface sometimes isn’t enough, especially in prolonged dry spells. In cases like this, I get the broom out and use the handle to poke holes in the soil. When you’re adding water to the soil, these holes fill up with water and seep deeper towards the roots.

7. Wildlife

It’s not just plants and flowers that need water, but wildlife too. Hedgehogs and birds will be seeking cool shade and water in the warmer months. Place a small bowl of water or bird bath in your garden to attract, and hydrate, wildlife.

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