Oange is the new black play 2

Add a touch of fire to your garden or home this season with this selection of stunning orange plants – all found at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this year.

For the garden…


Calceolaria Integrifolia ‘Kentish Hero’


This beautiful gift from the Andes is a member of the snapdragon family, and it’s spectacular orange pouch flowers bubbling off of the dark stems will set all of your friends’ tongues wagging. This vibrant and unique option will also bring fantastic contrast to your borders.

Dahlia ‘Bishop of Oxford’


There’s something about the archetypal simplicity of this pretty little dahlia that I can’t get enough of. It’s a ‘dinner plate’ dahlia, and can grow up to 3ft tall, making it another great choice to add height to your garden border as well.

Abutilon ‘Marion’


This marvellous shrub will bring instant character to your garden with its stunning bell-shaped flowers. There’s something intriguing about the nodding blooms that always draws people in to touch them.

Canna ‘Carnaval’


The fiery Canna Carnaval with its orange-to-yellow explosions of petals is like dynamite in the garden. They are tender plants, but in warmer parts of the UK you can leave the rhizomes in the ground over winter with a covering of mulch.

Echinacea purpurea ‘Julia’


As the rich tangerine petals work their way down, eventually pointing downwards and promoting the spectacular deep copper cone above, this elegant flower knows how to steal the show. With a lovely fragrance and long stems, they’re also great to cut and bring inside to brighten up the house.



For the home…


Tillandsia dyeriana


This breath-taking bromeliad is an air plant, but likes to live in a pot. Its spectacular orange bracts are like a cobra ready to strike, making it a truly dynamic and eye-catching house plant. Bromeliads are very easy to care for too, and work great in a kitchen or bathroom where they can take more moisture from the air.

Disa Glasgow Orchid Conference


Orchids always make an impression. However, this vibrant South African species cuts itself from the crowd with its rich tone and the veined hood that sits like a throne for the stigmas. A perfect adornment for a windowsill, but not one with direct sunlight.

Hippeastrum (Amaryllis)


This beautiful Hippeastrum is a great way to keep that warm orange tone in your home after the warm summer days are past. Blooming in the winter makes this a popular Christmas present, and this gorgeous flower is a festive staple in many households. Also perfect for a windowsill that doesn’t receive direct sunlight.

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