Man cleaning lawn mower blade. Preparing to mow some grass.

QMy lawn has been growing in patches during the warmer spells over winter, but I didn’t cut it. Is it ever OK to cut your lawn over winter? If not, when should I start cutting it again?

Robert, Swindon

AFirstly, it is fine to cut your lawn during winter if the weather is warm enough for it to grow. Just pick a dry day and make sure your soil is firm. Set your mower so its blades are raised higher than in summer – about 2 inches is fine.

As for beginning regular mowing, it really is weather-dependent. It’s best to wait until you can see it growing and changing colour before you start. If you haven’t mowed over the winter, you’ll still need to set your blades higher than usual, and gradually reduce the height each time you mow.

If you cut the lawn too low, you’ll scalp the lawn and weaken the grass. You could also get moss and weeds growing in any bare patches. Around 2 inches is the best height, but you can go up to 2.5 inches for lawns growing in shaded areas.

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