It may go in and out of fashion, but if used creatively, and laid properly, decking can be a stylish, affordable and practical addition to the garden.

But if you don’t look after it, it can soon become a moss-covered ice rink.

Many people, when faced with a troublesome deck, will simply replace it. But you may not have to – it is possible to revitalise your existing decking and make it look like new again!

For a few hours’ work, you can save yourself a fortune on a new deck.

What to do

david- domoney giving advice on revitalising decking and revamping old wooden boards - video still

First, repair any damaged boards. Then use a broom to sweep up any debris, like leaves and twigs.

Now you need to clean off the algae and moss. You can get down on your hands and knees with a brush and a bucket of water and scrub it. Or you can borrow a jet wash and spray it off in a fraction of the time.

When it is clean and dry, sand it down to expose the pores, so it can absorb more of the treatment. Then paint it with a stain, adding another coat or two as it dries. Your deck should be good as new, and will last for years!

Watch the video for full tips and advice.

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