If you’re craving a sweet treat, this fresh cream eclair recipe will be right up your street. With the texture of the pastry, the soft creamy filling, and the pretty rose petal toppings, this is an all-round winner. You’ll definitely want to add it to your dessert menu.

Everything’s rosy

Roses are a fantastic plant to have in the garden for a multitude of reasons. Not only do they have fantastic flowers with classic aromas, but the petals and rosehips are edible.

Rose petals have a floral and slightly sweet taste, making them great for using in desserts, whilst adding a natural twist. This makes them a fantastic addition to the fresh cream eclairs.

Rose petals are a good source of vitamin C which helps our body’s immune system fight infections. They’re also a source of iron, calcium, vitamin E and A.

Growing roses

Roses bought in containers can be planted all year round. Their preferred spot and conditions will depend on the type, so check the label for the best spot.

Dig a hole roughly twice as wide as the rootball to a spade’s depth. Mix in a spadeful of organic matter like compost, and fork in a general fertiliser.

Tease out some of the roots to help them establish and plant the rose to the same depth as it was in the container. Top up with soil, then firm down and water well. For the first couple of years, water well in dry spells to keep the compost moist and help the plant establish.

Feeding with a special rose fertiliser every spring will help to deliver impressive flower displays. If you think growth has slowed in mid-summer, apply again.

Fresh cream eclair recipe card


Mix and match the toppings of the fresh cream eclairs by using different food colouring. Alternatively mix a teaspoon of coffee extract with the icing sugar and top with pistachios for a delicious crunchy twist.

Make fresh cream eclairs and add this recipe to your dessert menu any time of the year, or wait to cut flowers from your roses to use the petals from your homegrown beauties.

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