It has been a challenging year but our gardens have helped us keep it together. And our Cultivation Street 2020 competition is a shining example. Today I can reveal the Cultivation St Community Garden winners of this year.

I could not be prouder of the amount of work and dedication communities across the UK have been putting into their projects and the stories behind them. This year we have given away £13,000 in cash prizes, along with hampers of products from our brilliant sponsor Miracle-Gro.

“The finalists in this year’s Cultivation Street competition aren’t only transforming open spaces into stunning havens for wildlife, they are also bringing people together from different generations, and offering a lifeline for people with illness, disability or overcoming grief. They are so much more than just communal spaces – they have the ability to change lives and spread happiness across neighbourhoods.”

So, here are the Cultivation St winners…


Once you’ve switched on your central heating, put any indoor plants on a shelf or windowsill in a saucer filled with wet gravel above a radiator to create a humid microclimate for them.

Reader questions

Can you please tell me when is the best time to plant garlic?


Garlic is best planted in late autumn or early winter. It will grow well in a sunny, well-drained spot with some well rotted organic matter. Cover any newly planted cloves with horticultural fleece to keep the birds at bay. Garlic bulbs will be ready when the leaves turn yellow.

What can I grow in a garden that is mainly shady?

fresh radishes

There are plenty of camellias to choose from, such as ‘Adelina Patti’ and ‘Black Lace’, which both do well in full or partial shade. For an evergreen that has beautiful blooms in spring and summer, mountain laurel is a good option. It’s also great for pollinators. Ferns and hostas are good for shade too.

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