I truly believe there is a houseplant to suit everyone. So, what better way to find your perfect houseplant than to find one suited to your specific personality type?

According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type, there are 16 types, which are decided on through a person’s level of introversion or extraversion, how an individual focuses on information, makes decisions and deals with the outside world. Each of the types has a 4-letter code (e.g., ESTP = extraverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving).

Once you’ve found your personality type, it’s time to find out which houseplant suits you.


You like to have a mission in life, but also need to take time to yourself to recharge to fulfil that mission. Though reserved, you appreciate deep friendships and communication which is why the Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant) is so well-suited.

It’s fast growing and you can share the cuttings with your close circle of friends and family.




Reliable and a perfectionist, you are a consistent person. Although introverted, you are social and remember details about the people you meet.

Therefore, you’re a great match for a Croton that can be fussy, but your reliability and conscientiousness will give ensure you help it thrive.


Motivated, driven, and witty, your intelligence can get you far. When it comes to caring for a houseplant, you’ll need something like yourself. Something fast growing like a Philodendron that will need an environment to mimic its native rainforest.

Climbing varieties will interest you as they grow up a moss stick or trail across your strategy books.




Taking pride in what you do, a plant that will stick around for you to care for that will suit your tireless dedication is perfect.

A Sansevieria trifasciata (snake plant) is a worthy match, and their straight, upright structure will match your appreciation of structure.


A curious character, you want to explore the world using all your senses. You like to get stuck in and get involved to fix things, so a picky plant like a Nephrolepis exaltata (Boston fern) is fitting.

They have specific needs such as their high levels of humidity, which you will deliver because of your flexibility to adapt and go with the flow.




You find inspiration from people and ideas, and love exploring. The exciting world you enjoy makes Oxalis triangularis (false shamrock plant) a great colourful contender.

The purple tones will energize you and appeal to your spontaneous nature.


Curious and empathetic, you want to understand people and the world. You have a wonderful imagination and love watching things grow.

Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant) will appeal to your sense of wonder as when the leaves are touched, the leaflets close together.




Buzzing with ideas and daydreams, a plant that’s partly project to energize your creative characteristics will be a fine fit. Sarracenia leucophylla (pitcher plant) is a little unusual.

This is a carnivorous plant that will satisfy your need to take the unconventional approach.


Energetic and hands-on, you enjoy going out and doing. So, you might want a houseplant that is there for you more than you’re there for it.

Opuntia microdasys (bunny ears cactus) is easy to care for and doesn’t demand much, so you can take a risk and leap and your cactus will be waiting for you when you return.




Social, energetic, and enjoying the vibrant experiences of life, an indoor plant that entertains you and matches your personality will fit perfectly.

Strelitzia (bird of paradise) has a dramatic appearance and will be the centre of attention.


Your personality is that of a free spirit and you use this to embrace big ideas that bring hope and give kindness to others.

So, Chlorophytum (spider plant) is a well-suited match for you, as their leaves flow like your enthusiastic energy and you can pass on the little plantlets to spread the love.




Driven and bold, a carnivorous plant will be a welcome houseplant to your collection. Dionaea (Venus flytrap) are popular and well known for their habit of attracting prey and snapping shut.

They will keep you on your toes, and you’ll enjoy getting to know your new plant pet.


Happily leading the way and having the ability to offer solid instructions and direction, you’ll like something that’s straightforward and looks strong.

Dracaena marginata (dragon tree) has sword-shaped leaves and a structure that will provide structure and will be a reliable plant that will stick around.




You pride yourself on being an important part of your social bubble and focus on helping and guiding others like organising gatherings for loved ones.

So, bring an attractive plant such as Epipremnum aureum (golden pothos) into your living space and its heart-shaped leaves will bring joy to everyone who visits.


Your giving nature and energy makes you a social person who loves to be out helping people and inspiring them.

Therefore, a plant that is waiting for you at home after a day of guiding others to achieve will suit you well. A peace lily will let you know when it needs something, so it won’t keep you guessing.




A creative visionary, you like to act on your ideas and like to be successful.

For long term success Crassula ovata (jade plant) is a hardy plant that will stick around and will bring joy to your home with its miniature tree-like appearance.

To find out more about houseplants and what they can do for you and your home, you can pre-order my book, My Houseplant Changed My Life.

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