Garden accessories are more than just ornaments – they add character to your garden and make it more individual. You put your personal stamp inside your home – so why not outside as well? There’s always something to suit your style and garden design. So, to help you choose, here are my top five outdoor features for your garden.

1 A garden timepiece

Most people automatically think of a sundial, but you can also try a clock. Outdoor clocks are waterproof, and some even light up at night!

They add a touch of class to a patio or summerhouse, and create a focal point on a fence or wall. Alternatively, opt for a station clock to mount to the wall for a vintage feel.

Not only will they look great but it’ll help you to keep track of time when you’re out and about gardening. Some even have thermometers or humidity gauges too to make them even more handy.


2 Wind chimes


Bring a little music to your garden soundtrack! There are loads of great styles to choose from – wood, stone and glass look great and some have incredibly intricate designs. Plus you can pick them up for just a few pounds.

If you’d rather not have the noise, choose a silent one such as a mobile that spins beautifully in the wind. Then, you still get the movement in the garden to enchant you.

3 Garden characters

Anything from gnomes to statues make great talking points. Some of the most popular are gargoyles and dragons, but there are even garden zombies statues! The ghoulish torsos sat on the floor so they appeared to be bodies climbing out of the soil.

Depending on your garden style, there are many statues and garden characters in a variety of materials. Metal, wood, or stone, there’s a statue style that will suit your garden whatever the size.


4 Wall art


This is a big seller and helps cover a variety of blank and boring spaces. There are a myriad of choices out there, from art prints hung on a shed to sculpted metal leaves and flowers.

I also love PVC mirrors that reflect the garden and make it look bigger.

Another thing about wall art is that it doesn’t take up any wall space, making it a popular pick for tiny gardens.

5 Self-contained water features

These recycle the water with a tiny pump. Try concrete containers, stacks of smooth pebbles or even oak barrels with a tap on the side.

They bring the tranquil sound of running water to your garden and give the birds a drink. So they’re a win-win.


Garden accessories make your garden feel like part of your home, and any of these will go a long way to personalising it. Let me know that outdoor features you’ve added to your garden on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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