Houseplants make great Mother’s Day gifts because there is such a wide variety available. Some are low-maintenance and easy-going for the new gardener. And some require a little more attention for mums that are well-versed in all things green-fingered.

So, read on to discover my five favourite houseplants for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.


Potted Rhododendron simsii (azaleas) make fabulous Mother’s Day presents. They flower around the same time of year and have even become something of a tradition for many people. Furthermore, they differ from the evergreen azaleas that we plant outside, as they are grown specifically as houseplants.

They come in a range of colours, from blushing pink to deep purple and even white, so don’t forget to get one in your Mum’s favourite shade.

A potted Azalea houseplant

Houseplant Care

Azaleas are immensely thirsty plants and will need plenty of water to see them through the flowering season and beyond.

Above all, try not to let the compost dry out. Occasionally sit the pot in water until bubbles appear at the top of the compost. This will ensure they get all the moisture they need to flourish!


These are hugely popular houseplants. They come in a massive variety of colours, sizes, and styles. Previously having quite a slim selection in the UK, nowadays you can buy everything from moth orchids to cymbidiums at your local garden centre (or even a lot of supermarkets).

They are wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day, as they have a spectacular appearance and will bring a touch of panache to any home.

Moreover, they are known to inspire creativity, which is a great gift idea for Mother’s Day if your mum has a creative streak.

Orchids have a bit of a reputation for being difficult to care for. But once you understand what makes them tick, it’s not too tricky.

Houseplant Care

They need bright but indirect light, and plenty of humidity, and they should be kept in a clear pot so that the roots have access to light. This houseplant doesn’t need too much water, you’ll know when they’re thirsty as their roots change colour from bright green to a dull, silvery grey.

Finally, if you have kept it alive long term, after 2 years you probably want to find it a new pot to call home.

A potted orchid houseplant


Also affectionately known as ‘Pot Mums’, Chrysanthemums are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

They have been known to deteriorate almost as quickly as cut flowers. Therefore, ensure your Chrysanthemums get plenty of care from their new owner. As a result, you will guarantee that the masses of colourful blooms last as long as they should.

Potted Chrysanthemum houseplants on chairs.

Houseplant Care

Make sure to remove any dead flowers as they wilt, and water when the top inch of soil becomes dry.

Again, a bright but indirectly lit windowsill works well for Chrysanthemums, avoiding any really high or low temperatures.


Kalanchoe, sometimes also known as a Flaming Katy, is a succulent with fleshy, emerald green leaves and masses of colourful flowers. They can be unusual in appearance but are great to have around the house, adding intrigue and interest to the home. What better to cheer your mum up on Mother’s Day!

This houseplant is really easy to grow and can last for years. Additionally, they produce fantastic flower displays again and again—making it incredible value for money!

Kalanchoe loves somewhere that gets plenty of light but that is out of the direct afternoon glare, as the leaves can become scorched or wilted. For example, the kitchen windowsill could be a perfect home!

Houseplant Care

After the Kalanchoe has finished its bloom, cut off the flowering head and reduce watering. And it should bloom naturally again in spring.

Ensure that they are only watered when the soil has dried out. Remember to water less during the winter. These are perfect for busy mums who need a pretty and unfussy plant to brighten up their day.

Potted Kalanchoe houseplant on a table.

Madagascar Jasmine

The Stephanotis floribunda ‘Madagascar Jasmine’ is a gorgeously scented potted flower, that you could gift on Mother’s Day.

There are a few reasons why it is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Firstly, it is a climber, which means you could experiment with what shape hoop you pair it with if you want to try something slightly different and more ornamental looking.

Secondly, the scent of Madagascar jasmine is thought to be relaxing, which is the perfect aid for the busy mum!

Potted Madagascar jasmine with a round hoop for climbing

Houseplant Care

Try to place this somewhere you won’t forget about it – Madagascar jasmine requires regular misting.

In addition, feed this houseplant with liquid tomato feed every 2-3 weeks in spring and summer to keep it flowering.

Is your mum a houseplant fan?

If your Mum is a houseplant fan, but none of these options seem right for her, there are plenty more out there to choose from. Even if your Mum is not a fan of flowering plants, there are many beautiful options to buy for your Mum this Mother’s Day.

You probably want to ensure your houseplant gift gets the best care that it can, all the best advice (and a great gift idea at the same time) on what houseplants are best for you and how to care for them.

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So now you have five fantastic houseplants that are sure to impress your Mum this Mother’s Day.

Potted plants often work out to be cheaper than a bouquet of cut flowers, so you should be able to get your Mum a little something extra too.

Moreover, houseplants don’t only look great, they also have many positive health benefits. Next, check out my blog on the power of plants for better health for more information.

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