Depending on your garden style and size, the water feature that you choose will vary. With many types to choose from, these are some of the top picks to introduce water to your garden.


Create a magical meandering stream in your garden if you have the space to spare. The trickling water is sure to add to the soothing soundtrack of your garden. The construction of a stream is very similar to that of a pond. Also, if your garden already features a pond, the stream can finish at the pond. However, you can have a rippling rock-lined stream that ends on a gravel bed and is pumped back up to the start.



Although these may look like a stream, they are more structured with water flowing in a straight, linear direction, rather than a more natural looking stream. In garden design rills tend to be shallow and narrow. Typically, they are used to channel water from one space to another, or to create a journey through the garden.



Next is a feature that isn’t just for formal gardens. Fountains can be made to suit any scale. Not only do they look great, but they are great way of adding height and structure to a garden. The tiered formation of a fountain adds elevation and can be made of a variety of different materials. Stone fountains bring a dramatic flair and can add to the garden as a fantastic focal feature too.



Drilled rock spheres are a popular pick for many garden styles. These spherical rocks have a hole drilled through the centre and have a pump fitted which pushes the water out of the hole to run over the surface. This creates a wonderful sheet of glistening water, reflecting in the sunshine. What’s more, there are many stone spheres to choose from, made from limestone, slate, sandstone, or concrete.


Water blade

Lastly, there are an increasingly popular pick for contemporary gardens. Water blades form a curtain of cascading water that falls into a reservoir or pond. This feature satisfies all the senses with movement and sound of flowing water. They can be fitted to existing walls or fitted into a purpose-built wall, a perfect option for a smaller garden where floor space is extremely valuable.


So, whatever the size of your garden, you can incorporate water into the design. The style of your garden may suit a contemporary waterwall, or the charm of a meandering stream. However you use water in your garden, it’s sure to help relax you.

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