The top 3 must-do gardening jobs to do in June


Summer is finally here! The sun is shining (hopefully), the birds are singing (definitely) and the garden is bursting into life. Every day new plants open their flowers, soaking up the sunlight.

There is plenty to do in the garden, but make sure to just spend some time enjoying the display. Plants should be in full swing this month so here are the three top gardening jobs for June.

1. Care for your roses

Roses will be in full flower this month, so keep an eye out for black spot and aphid attacks and treat immediately. If your aphid population is small, squash them with your finger.

For more serious infestations, use an insecticide, but don’t spray the blooms or you risk killing pollinators like bees. Black spot is a fungal disease and needs to be treated with fungicide.

Deadhead any faded rose flowers to encourage fresh buds to grow and apply a rose fertiliser after the first flush of flowers. Keep weeds down to prevent them taking moisture from the soil around your roses.

2. Stake growing plants


Tall plants at the back of the border will need support as they start to grow vigorously. Support plants like Delphiniums, Hollyhocks and Lupins with stakes or tie them to walls and fences. Or use netting over the top to allow plant stems to grow through the gaps.

The side shoots of climbers should also be tied in to train them along trellis or wire supports. Keep the ties loose enough to allow the plant to sway in the wind.


3. Remove developing weeds

Make sure you keep weeds down. They use up vital nutrients and moisture that are needed by the plants. Regular hoeing around the vegetable garden and borders will remove weed seedlings before they have chance to take hold.

If you ignore them, the weeds will flower and produce seeds, spreading around the garden and popping up everywhere. Remove them while they are young and you can keep on top of them.

How to tackle pesky weeds

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  1. Sarah June 5, 2016 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    These red beatles keep eating my lillies whats best stuff to buy to kill them before they kill my plants

    • Tyler June 23, 2016 at 1:29 pm - Reply

      Yes, lily beetles are pesky creatures who will take a little effort to get rid of.

      Here is a helpful page from the RHS:

      Even if you use pesticides you will still need to look for the adults by hand.

      Hand-picking the adult beetles is very effective if you have only a few lily plants, but you must be vigilant and fast. The beetles are very quick and as soon as they sense movement, they will immediately drop to the soil level and lie on their backs, which makes them difficult to find. Use this habit to capture and destroy the adults by holding a jar of soapy water under them and nudging them off the leaf. They will immediately fall into the water. Scout your plants several times a week, especially early in the season as the adults emerge from the soil.

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