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August: Holiday mode


It’s August but it feels like we’ve already had most of the heat of summer. The recent heatwave means our gardens may have experienced a little bit of drying out. Although, using these watering tips will keep your garden looking glorious and help it bounce back after a long dry spell.

If you want to bring the holiday atmosphere to your garden, here are some tropical style plants that will transport you to a summer paradise. Or achieve a coastal garden look with these top plants.

This month there’s plenty to look forward to, from watching blooms like these top ten plants put on a show in the garden, and also the closing of the Cultivation Street 2022 competition which means the winners will be announced next month.

On Friday 5th August I’ll also be appearing at Rosebourne Garden Centre to share my tips on becoming a houseplant expert, you can still get tickets here. If you can’t make it, stay up to date with my Instagram and YouTube to keep updated with how my grow-your-own area is getting on.

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Make the most of your harvests by storing and preserving in the best way for the specific crop.

Refrigerate harvests that won’t take up too much space. Lettuce, spinach and other leafy green crops will store well for short amounts of time. However, the general rule is that if a crop gains its sweetness from the sun, don’t refrigerate it.


Freezing is a fuss-free way to stop crops decaying. Legumes work well being preserved this way. Prepare the crops by blanching them by plunging into boiling water, then soak them in ice-cold water, pat dry and freeze.


Pickle, dry, or bottle harvests like tomatoes, shallots, and beetroot. These methods can change the texture and flavour of fruit and veg a lot, but they’re great for using over a long period of time to spruce up your dishes.


Onions and garlic can be dried, plaited and hung to keep air flowing around them. Potatoes are well suited to being stored in hessian sacks, so get them ready by washing them and drying them off in the sun.


Growing beetroot

Beetroot has traditionally been used to add colour and flavour to salads. So, use my guide to planting and growing this root veg for a successional harvest over the summer.

Top plants

Achieve that holiday feeling in your garden by incorporating flowers that will bloom through summer to extend the sunny season to accompany socialising and relaxation time.

Giveaways galore

Be in with a chance to win a Yard Force 40V 30cm Cordless Grass Trimmer that’s lightweight and the perfect way to keep your lawn looking neat.

Get rid of blanketweed

Blanketweed is a common problem in garden ponds and there are several causes of the algae, but these tips will keep your pond looking primed and perfect.

Top job

Planting green manures have many benefits, from smothering weeds, preventing erosion of soil and also providing nutrients and improving the structure of the soil.


In it to win it

There’s a Harkness ‘Simple White’ Rose up for grabs which has long-lasting bright white blooms with a lovely rounded growing habit.

Plants for purpose

Choose plants that will provide colour and structure all year round whilst creating stunning borders that have wonderful fragrances to accompany your relaxing garden time.

Up for grabs

Be in with a chance of winning an Oase Flexicut 2in1 which makes the job of keeping unwanted plant growth in the pond under control so much easier.

Garden rooms

The beauty of different garden styles is that every garden is unique and comes down to personal preference, so consider these elements to make your dream garden room.

In it to win it…

There are 10 boxes of Miracle-Gro® Evergreen 4in1 up for grabs. The product feeds your lawn whilst also killing weeds and controlling moss.

Getting kids involved

Keep the kids occupied during the summer holidays with these activities and tips that will help them engage with the power of plants and nature in the garden.

Shapes in the garden

Utilise shapes in your water garden to emphasise the style of your garden. Choose rounded features to soften the space, or clean cut squares for a contemporary garden design.

Here are the winners from July:

Congratulations! Look out for even more prize draws throughout August…