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January: Turn over a new leaf


As we welcome 2022, we look forward to another year of growing a learning about what we can accomplish in our gardens. Whether you’re looking forward to growing the same as last year or want to set yourself a challenge, now’s the time to plan ahead.

Chase away any January blues with cheery blooms to lift your spirits with my top ten plants for the month. If your home is looking bare without a Christmas tree, replace it with a houseplant that you can enjoy all year round. Alternatively, if you don’t want to compromise on floor space, choose a hanging or trailing houseplant that can cascade down, and bring beauty to the space.

This month we also celebrate #HouseplantWeekUK from 10th-16th January, so I’d love to see photos of your prized indoor plants on social media. To celebrate beautiful blooms and houseplants, I’ll be giving away goodies everyday on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that will keep your indoor blooms thriving.

We saw 2021 out with a bang with so many incredible entries to Illumination Street sponsored by British Garden Centres group. Though it was hard for the judges to pick their festive favourites, you can read about the winners here and their dazzling displays.

Get your year off to a flying start by getting involved in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch which takes place from 28th – 30th January. I’ll be getting involved with the kids and seeing which birds we can spot in the garden.

Also, don’t forget that you can get some great tips to start the year on ITV on Sunday mornings from 10am on Love Your Weekend.

There’s plenty more excitement in store for 2022, so keep tabs on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more plants, tips and projects to get stuck into.

Happy gardening and a Happy New Year!


Gardening tip of the month

This #HouseplantWeekUK, keep your indoor garden growing its best with these top tips…


Ensure your plants are getting sufficient light over the winter months and move them to a brighter spot if necessary until March when the days are longer and there’s more sunlight.


Keep plants looking uniform and dense by cutting back leggy growth of polka dot plants, inch plants and Chinese money plants which will also encourage new growth.


Plant amaryllis bulbs, watering and feeding regularly to encourage growth and you should have beautiful bold flowers on tall stems during the late winter months and early spring.


Regularly wipe the leaves of houseplants with a damp cloth to clear them of dust and debris so they can photosynthesise efficiently, look their best and help detoxify the air.

GYO calendar

Prepare for the grow your own season ahead by sowing and growing veg using this handy calendar that shows when to sow, plant and harvest the produce.


Join us in celebrating #HouseplantWeekUK from 10th-16th January by sending photos of your prized houseplants. Keep an eye on my social media to win some great prizes.

Top plants

Ring in the new year with my top ten picks of bright blooms and foliage that will brighten up your garden during the darker and cooler, winter months.

Up for grabs…

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Top job

With unpredictable British weather, we may have snowfall and the thawing of snow can lead to brown patches in the lawn – here’s what to look out for.

Plants for purpose

Let beautiful foliage trail or cascade in your rooms to add height to your decor. They’re a great way of bringing nature in without needing lots of floor space.

Garden gadgets

Be in with a chance of winning a selection of vegetable seeds and Miracle-Gro lawn food, courtesy of Yard Force to grow your best in the garden.

Happy houseplants

From statement pieces to low maintenance picks, there is a houseplant to suit your home and lifestyle, bringing beauty and practical benefits too.

Pond prizes

Ensure your pond water is fresh and clean for your fish by entering this prize draw to win 1 of 6 bottles of Oase’s AquaActiv Biokick Care.

My Houseplant Changed My Life

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Prize draw winners

Here are the winners from December:

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Congratulations! Look out for even more prize draws throughout January…