March: Springtime sun


This month we finally welcome spring, a time of new growth and an exciting start to the growing season ahead.

If you’re looking to give your lawn a new lease of life, March and April are a great time of year to lay turf. Alternatively, if you’re looking to brighten up your beds and borders at the start of the season, these top ten plants for March will put a spring in your step.

For the third year, #CompostWeekUK is back to spread the benefits of composting and how you can get started in your own garden. From 14th – 20th March, I’ll be sharing facts, hints, tips and blogs on social media to share the importance of compost.

Since the start of the year I’ve been keeping busy in my garden, creating a new grow-your-own area. Keep up to date on Instagram and YouTube, where I’m posting regular videos with progress, and hints and tips to use in your own space.

My Facebook Live shows are back, so tune into my Seasonal Gardening show sponsored by Miracle-Gro® on Friday 4th March at 4pm. If you do miss it, head over to my YouTube channel where the show will be uploaded next week.

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Snowdrops are a wonderful hardy perennial that are a sure sign of spring, even pushing through the lasts of the frosts to grace our gardens…


Snowdrops can be grown ‘in the green’ which is when the plants still have green leaves and are in active stage of growth. This helps them to establish quicker and increases likelihood of success.


Choose a spot that is in light shade with well-drained soil, a location that mimics their native growing place – woodland. If your soil is heavy, add sand or grit to aid drainage.


Snowdrops don’t need pruning, however the spent flowers will need deadheading so the energy goes back into the bulb for bursts of bright blooms the following year.


Alongside Galanthus nivalis, try the double snowdrop variety, ‘Flore Pleno’ too. They have double flowering blooms, that are green and white which bring a different twist to your planting schemes.

Top plants

Start spring off right with vibrant flowers and foliage that will bring joy to your garden as it awakens after the winter months. These top plants will put a spring in your step.

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Top job

If you want to give your lawn a new lease of life, these tips for laying turf are sure to be a helping hand. Add this to your gardening calendar during March and April.

Plants for purpose

If you’re looking for fast-growing perennials for instant impact, look no further than these top picks that are sure to put on a show in your garden through the season.

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Coastal garden

Think about how the calming sounds and sights of a seaside trip make you feel, and use those elements in your garden to achieve a coastal look with plants, paving and furniture.

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Water gardening

Transform an unused feature in your garden into a living wall full of flowers and foliage with these climbers as there is one to suit every garden style and size.

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