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I spent a fantastic day on March 7 on the Alan Titchmarsh Show with Alan and the other guests, including the Doyenne of musical theatre – Elaine Paige!

I was on the show to share my tips on making the most of your front garden with just a few quick and easy tweaks. I also got the chance to join the other guests and try an easy Pad Thai recipe and chestnut ice cream plus a selection of wines and beers on the show (and I loved every minute of it!).

Behind the scenes at ITV studios

Behind the scenes at ITV studios

Find out about my national campaign for front gardens!

Many people have to keep their wheelie bins in their front gardens, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an eyesore! Try covering it in adhesive vinyl to camouflage it – you can get flower and ivy patterns.

Another great idea for front gardens is to use container planting. This gives you the freedom to grow plants without having to tend to beds!

My top tip for having the best containers on your street is to change their contents with the seasons! That way you’ll always have lovely, colourful flowers to greet you when you get home.

For great containers now, fill with narcissi and skimmias. Always put more plants in containers than you think they need – they should look full and overflowing!

Getting the narcissi ready behind the scenes

Getting the narcissi ready behind the scenes

TIP: Visit your local garden centre regularly to see what is in flower now. This also works if you ever find a bare patch in your garden – head to the garden centre and buy something that is currently in flower to plug the gap and get year-round colour!

You can also plant fruit in your front garden – try trailing strawberry plants in hanging baskets and flowering quince bushes. Then you can have beautiful front gardens AND free jam!

To attract more wildlife into your front garden, install a bird bath, but remember to regularly put fresh water out for the birds!

And why not go the whole hog and decorate your door too! Get textured doorknobs and fun knockers – try a pine cone, a squirrel or the classic woodpecker. You can even get a doorbell that tweets like a bird!

Create a front garden that puts a smile on your face every time you come home. If this lot doesn’t work, try this Alan Titchmarsh doormat!

Alan Titchmarsh doormat

This would make anyone smile!

I hope this show has been a little taste of what is come on this year’s Love Your Garden series. Follow me on Twitter for behind-the-scenes access as filming gets underway.

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