Making your Monstera feel at home

Mimicking the exact conditions of Central America, where your Monstera originates from, within your own home will be very difficult. But with these helpful tips, you can grow your Monstera happily indoors.

Getting good lighting

In terms of sun, your Monstera will need plenty of bright but indirect light to grow. You have to get the balance right. Too much sunlight and the leaves can turn yellow. And on the other hand, not enough light will cause the leaves to grow toward the darkness.

This is a fascinating scientific phenomenon called negative phototropism, which is when plants grow away from light. When in its natural habitat a Swiss cheese plant will grow up trees, to get the right mix of light and shade to thrive.

Keeping your Monstera watered

Now that the Monstera is in the best position, you need to give them the best care too. Water them when the soil starts to feel dry on the surface and feed them monthly with a liquid houseplant fertiliser. During winter, watering can be reduced as needed.

Your Monstera’s height

Swiss cheese plants can reach heights indoors of up to 3m tall and spread over 75cm in width. They can grow very quickly too, up to 30cm per year. Depending on the size when you buy the Monstera, you may need to repot it sooner rather than later, and you may need to insert some support when doing so.

Monstera or Swiss Cheese Plant in a home

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