We are unveiling more brilliant Cultivation Street 2019 winners – this week highlighting the plots that make you feel better and people who inspire you to do better. Our community gardening campaign has been blossoming since 2013, handing out prizes totalling £100,000.

We’ve celebrated hundreds of community projects making a difference to lives. And this year’s competition, sponsored by Calliope Geraniums, saw the launch of an exciting new category. Gardens for Better Health recognises the gardens having a positive impact on mental or physical health in their community. And our garden centre Ambassador of the Year honours the stars in the horticulture industry, rewarding the most passionate and engaged staff – those who build relationships and help nurture community projects.



Hold off harvesting parsnips-

they become sweeter when it turns cold because the

starch in their roots turns to


Reader questions

My succulent has another plant growing from it. Do I remove it?


Over spring and summer, you may notice your succulent forming baby plants. These are called offsets or pups. They can be removed from the main growth and repotted to make a clone plant. Cut the offset from the adult plant and gently lift from the soil with roots intact, then reposition in a new, or the same, pot.

How do I plant daffodils, so they pop up in my spring lawn?


Naturalise daffodils in areas of lawn for next spring by planting them now, before frosty weather hits. Scatter bulbs randomly over the area, without them encroaching on each other’s space. Dig planting holes for each of them to three times the bulb’s depth. Then backfill to replace the turf on top so it’s level with the surrounding lawn.

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