We are unveiling even more brilliant Cultivation Street winners this week.

This time around, we are honouring the brilliant schools that have made their mark in one of our most hotly contested categories. Each year, hundreds of schools take part, showing judges their brilliant work and the important role gardening plays in education.

We’re also revealing the winner of our Calliope Your Life category, sponsored, like the main completion, by Calliope Geraniums. Plus there is a special extra runnerup, whose entry was too good to ignore! Both categories really have brought out the best of British and showed just how blooming talented pupils, staff and parents are when it comes to getting growing. It is looking good for the next generation of gardeners.



By dividing herbaceous perennials such as

sedum, verbena or geraniums, you will help them remain

healthy and vigorous as well as increase

the number of plants you have.

Reader questions

How can I prepare my water butt for the rain?


Clean water butts once a year to keep them fresh. Start by draining the water. If the water supply is not compromised, it can be used on plants that aren’t vulnerable or young seedlings. Then scrub inside with a coarse brush and garden disinfectant. Rinse with clean water and refill while adding water butt freshener.

My leylandii hedge grows so fast. How can I keep it looking nice?


The main pruning for your leylandii should happen from April to August, about three cuts during this period will keep it under control. You can still give a final trim to evergreen hedges at this time of year so it will stay shapely over winter. It’s also a good opportunity to trim them narrower at the top, to protect from snow damage.

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