This Valentine’s day, though red roses might reign supreme, here are twelve alternative flower varieties to gift something a little different and really show your affection…

1. Orchids

Because they last so long, few flowers could show how much your partner means to you this Valentine’s day like the moth orchid.

Moth orchids are a beautifully elegant choice and can keep their flowers for months and continue to bloom for years. 

When grown and cared for as a houseplant, this flower is great for removing toxins from the air of your house.

Orchid flowers in a pink shade with water droplets care for orchids great for Valentine's alternatives

2. Tulips

Hardy flowers such as these are a beautiful cup-shape, with the velvet-like centre representing a lover’s

Tulip colours all have different meanings, so ensure to double check what you’re buying before you send the wrong message to your special someone!

Red tulips are a great alternative to roses for Valentine's Day

3. Sunflowers

These vibrant flowers are a symbol of admiration and loyalty. Changing the water regularly will keep them bright and beautiful.

Their bright colour is sure to remind your partner how much they enrich your life, so try these out this Valentine’s Day!

Sunflower arrangement for Valentine's Day

4. Daisies

A simple but sophisticated alternative, daisies symbolise true love as they are composed of two flowers that blend together so well.

A gerbara indoor houseplant

5. Peruvian lilies

Rich, well-drained soil is needed to grow these special flowers. With multiple blooms per stem, a vase of Peruvian lilies has the perfect effect.

Peruvian lily is a great Valentine's flower

6. Carnations

The blooms of carnations that grow on strong, straight stems are long-lasting and cheery. They need full-sun daily and to be kept moist to thrive.

Bouquet of carnations for Valentine's Day

7. Sweet peas

Pop the intense fragrance and colour of Lathyrus odoratus (sweet pea) in a vase this spring, or enjoy these delicate flowers in containers during summer.

Sweet pea flowers are a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day

8. Forget-me-not

A pretty spring flower like Myosotis sylvatica ‘Wallufer Schnitt’ will look stunning in a window box where they will thrive in the shady environment.

Forget-me-nots in the garden

9. Dahlias

These large flowers can be found in a rainbow of colours which look stunning in a vase. The more they are cut, the more they will bloom.

Dahlia flowers are lovely Valentine's flowers

10. Peonies

Said to symbolise happy life and marriage, peonies will bloom best in a sunny spot, with plenty of space to flower well.

Peonies are a great rose alternative for valentine's day

11. Daffodils

A sign of the spring to come, daffodils are typically yellow or white. They grow perennially from bulbs – a good symbol for everlasting love.

Daffodil flowers

12. Irises

Irises are gentle looking flowers which are commonly found in purple, yellow and white. When outdoors, they attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Irises are a lovely alternative to roses on Valentine's day

With the bold and brilliant gesture of these out-of-the-box blooms, your Valentine’s Day is set to be one you’ll remember!

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