January is a great month for doing jobs that you possibly haven’t had time to do at other times of the year. More importantly, before you get busy with the new growing season, cleaning the greenhouse should be top of that ‘To Do’ list.

Gleaming greenhouse

Ideally choose a dry, sunny day to do this job to help things dry quickly. This will also minimise stress to any plants being overwintered in the greenhouse.

Start by taking everything out of the greenhouse. Any portable shelving units should be thoroughly washed with warm, soapy water to remove any lurking slug/snail eggs and bacteria/disease.  You’ll also need to do the same with all the pots whatever material they’re made from.


Whilst they’re drying, wash both the interior and exterior of all the glass or plastic greenhouse panes. It’s vital to successful crop growth to allow as much light inside as possible.

Tips to tidy


When cleaning greenhouses, a top tip is to scrunch up newspaper and use that to clear debris from the glass panels for a sparkling shine. Keeping your windows clean and clear will let the sun through effectively and trap the warmth too.

Check any external guttering, as it’s likely to be full of leaves and debris which will stop free-flow of rainwater.

If you don’t have guttering it might be worth considering installing this along with a downpipe and water butt to give you an added source of rainwater during the growing season.

So, get the year off to a flying start by ensuring your greenhouse is good to go for growing season. Cleaning your greenhouse to clear it of any old materials, debris and dirt is a great way of welcoming the new year and starting fresh.

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