Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for buying and giving flowers. So, here are some romantic (and surprising) facts about Valentine’s Day flowers.

The total spend for Valentine’s Day in 2020 was £1.45 billion, with an average spend per person of £35.

History of the rose

Roses have long been associated with love, especially red ones. This dates back to ancient times. The Greeks believed that roses were created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

In Roman mythology, red roses sprang up from drops of blood that Venus, their goddess of love, had spilled in an attempt to save her lover from danger.


Sending with love


The majority of our Valentine’s Day roses are grown in South America because of its warmer climate.

Colombia is the world’s second largest exporter of cut flowers after the Netherlands, and Ecuador is not far behind. But they make South America the world’s largest source of out-of-season flowers.

From me to you

Almost three quarters (73%) of men will buy flowers for Valentine’s Day. Most of these will be roses, and most of them will be red.

But the surprising thing is that only 27% of women will buy Valentine’s Day flowers. And many of them are not for a partner, but for a mother or daughter.


Secret messages


Giving flowers can have a deeper meaning. Throughout history, the type of flower you give to someone can communicate specific feelings.

A red rose symbolises love, while pink roses mean you are thinking of the other person. White roses stand for the purity of your love.

And the number counts too. Twelve roses is the common way to say I love you throughout the year, while one rose means you fell in love at first sight.

Blooms of bouquets

In Denmark, people traditionally give each other delicate white snowdrops around Valentine’s Day to symbolise their love.

And many people here are choosing different flowers too. Tulips and lilies are common Valentine’s Day gifts, and orchids are becoming a more popular choice too.


Now you’re prepared for Valentine’s Day with these flowery facts. Wow your loved ones with them and share more with me in the comments.

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