After a warm day, sitting and relaxing with a nice cool, refreshing ice cream or sorbet is a lovely way to have something a little sweeter. With this handy recipe card, you can find out how to use your homegrown raspberries to make raspberry sorbet using just 3 ingredients.

Grow your own raspberries

Raspberries prefer a moisture-retentive, fertile soil that’s slightly on the acidic side. Preferring a sunny spot, they’ll also tolerate partial shade. Due to the dormant period in the chillier months, bare-root plants can be planted between October and April.

When planting, it’s ideal to plant them in rows that run from North to South so that they don’t shade each other, because they grow tall. Their tall growth means you should have support in place.


To plant, add well-rotted manure and general fertiliser or fish blood and bone to the site. Then, plant with 45-60cm apart, adding a thick mulch of organic matter.

Once planted, prune the canes to within 25cm of the ground. Also, keep the compost moist and during growing season feed with a liquid general-purpose fertiliser monthly.

You can pick them and eat them fresh from your garden. What’s more, they will provide your body with nutrients such as vitamin C and manganese, as well as vitamin K, which supports strong bones.

Raspberry sorbet recipe card

The three-ingredient dessert can be enjoyed by itself or paired with different puddings such as a chocolate treat. Raspberry sorbet is easy to make and the 3 simple ingredients mean it’s vegan.


The raspberry sorbet will be a lovely cooling dessert, as a perfect end to a sunny summer day. Let me know how you’ve used the berries grown in your garden in recipes over on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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