Cooking Christmas dinner can feel like a huge responsibility, especially when you’ve got lots of people to cater for. This chocolate orange pastry tree recipe will add a festive spin to a dessert.

With the run up to Christmas a hectic blur of shopping trips and Christmas parties, it’s easy to forget about making your Christmas pudding well in advance.

And then even if you do remember – there’s always a few fussy kids that turn their nose up.

How about this year making things easier by whipping up this impressive pastry ‘tear and share’ Christmas tree instead? It’s the recipe for success.


You can either slice up regular sized portions and serve hot with ice cream, or if everyone has stuffed themselves silly with turkey, you can pop it on the table for people to pick and nibble at, as and when.

It’s great for kids and adults alike, and can be prepared the day before and then stored in the fridge.

Then you only need to put it in the oven on Christmas Day.

So, use this chocolate orange pastry tree recipe to add something different to your festive menu. I’d love to see your final bakes, so send me your pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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