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November: Fireworks of flowers

As we clear away Halloween decorations, we make way for Bonfire Night celebrations.

With daylight saving ending last week, we’re greeted by darker and chillier mornings, so winter really is on its way. But there’s something so cosy and magical about this time of the year, when you can stay warm indoors with a hot drink. Then, from the comfort of your home, you can look out at your garden full of earthy tones of russet reds and auburn oranges, using these top ten plants for inspiration.

With Bonfire Night approaching, you may have planned to go to a locally organised show. However, if you’re choosing to do your own bonfire, use these tips to ensure you’re doing it as safely as possible and reducing any risk to garden wildlife.

This month I’ll be at the Ideal Home Show Christmas on 23rd November, where I’ll be sharing some top plants that make Christmas magical. You can still get hold of tickets here.

In the meantime, to see more of the behind the scenes of my garden, take a look at my YouTube channel.

Gardening tip of the month

When planning your Bonfire Night celebrations, remember to keep your indoor animals and garden wildlife such as hedgehogs safe.


When building a bonfire, it’s best to build it on the day that you’re going to light it. As hedgehogs prefer to wander at night, this will save them and other creatures from settling in.


Before lighting, have a rummage around using a pole or broom and a torch. Thoroughly check the bottom two feet of the structure, which is where hedgehogs are most likely to be found.


Listen for a hissing sound, which is the noise that hedgehogs make when they are disturbed. Then, when lighting, do so from one side only to allow an escape route for anything missed.


In the event that hedgehogs are found, place them in a plastic or cardboard box with towels and newspaper. Place meaty cat or dog food and water in the box with them.

Watch this…

Some plants in the garden will need some protection from the colder weather as we move from summer into autumn and then into winter. Before the first frosts arrive, we want to protect our favourite plants.


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Top plants

Winter weather may be upon us, but there’s no reason why our gardens shouldn’t look cheerful, so here are ten plants to lift our spirits through November.

Giveaways galore

Be in with a chance to win a Yard Force VITA Garden Tool Kit that contains five handy tools for essential gardening tasks.

Top job

As the chance of frosts increases, it’s ideal to take care of plants as well as the containers they’re in to get them ready for the winter chills ahead.

In it to win it

There’s an Oase IceFree Thermo 200 up for grabs. Fantastic for use through autumn and winter to ensure the plants and animals that live in our water garden features survive.

Plants for a purpose

Growing climbers in containers is a great way of maximising limited space in a garden. The pot can be placed alongside the house wall with the climbing plant trained up and along the wall.

Christmas comp

Get your hands on 1 of 20 Nordman Christmas Trees from Needlefresh Direct. This tree is renowned for its classic shape and impressive glossy rich foliage.

Autumn wildlife

Create a garden that’s welcoming to wildlife through autumn and winter with plants that will keep them eating and sheltered – so you can watch from the warmth of your home.

Happy houseplants

Be in with a chance of winning 1 of 5 sets of houseplant care items to keep your indoor garden growing happily, courtesy of Miracle-Gro®.

GYO in a small space

Take advantage of specific gardening methods and use thrifty tricks and hacks to allow you to have a productive space, no matter how big or small. Even a kitchen windowsill is enough to grow your own food.

Illumination Street

As the countdown to Christmas begins, we want to hear if you’re planning to light up your neighbourhood this year, and which charities you’re hoping to raise funds for.

Prize Draw Results

Here are the winners from October:

OASE AquaActiv Pond Clean:

Jessica Powell

Paul Williams

Dale Dow

Madaline Collins

Suzanne Jackson

David Thompson

Congratulations! Look out for even more prize draws throughout November…