Houseplants are a brilliant way to liven up any room. They reduce stress, absorb pollution, refresh the air around them with oxygen, and among all of that they are really quite beautiful.

There is a houseplant for every office, regardless of whether it is north facing, south facing, or the smallest room in your house!

Caring for your home office houseplant

If you need a little advice with repotting your home office houseplants, watch this video to get see all the best practice to ensure your houseplant settles in well to its new home.

How your houseplant cares for you

There are a number of benefits to having a houseplant in your home office. Aside from the fact they can fill that empty space on your windowsill, there are several mental and physical health benefits to keeping a houseplant in your office space.

They improve air quality

There are so many toxins in the air around you that you don’t even realise they are doing you any harm.

The most well-known pollution tackled by plants is carbon dioxide. Plants take these in from our breath and replace them with invaluable oxygen.

Having an office in your home means that any household toxins are all around you whilst you are working, but houseplants in your home office can help.

Household items that certain plants can absorb the toxins of include aerosols, cleaning products, and gas stoves.

By utilising the right houseplant, your home office can be freed of these toxins, improving concentration and overall health.

They cheer you up

There are many ways that the right houseplant can improve your mood.

Firstly, their visuals can provide happy distractions to take your mind away from the busy work life and computer screens.

Additionally, the act of nurturing a plant in your home office space can give you a positive boost as a reward for caring for something.

This alone can reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the brain. As a result, your work day is broken up a little, giving you something more uplifting to do.

They provide visual therapy, which can also be affected by your choice of colour in your houseplant. Different colours can affect different results on you, so keep this in mind when choosing a houseplant.

Which type of houseplant are you looking for?

See the below blogs to best cater your houseplant to the space that you need to fill in your home office.

Getting the perfect houseplant for your home office will help you concentrate better and bring some life into the space.

If you want to learn more about taking care of your houseplants, see the link below to my book ‘My houseplant changed my life’. Many of the home office houseplants mentioned on this page are inside!

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