Why should I plant them?

Conifers are hardy evergreen trees and shrubs that suit any garden. According to a HTA survey, almost a third of garden owners have a conifer, so they are more popular than you might think.

They come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and textures, and the colour can be anything from yellow or light green through to dark green, blue, grey and even bronze and purple.

Yew, thuja, gingko, juniper and Chamaecyparis are all good conifer varieties. Use them as a green backdrop for flowering plants, or as standalone structures to add height in the garden.

Where should I plant them?

Dwarf conifers are good for containers, and larger shrubs and trees make good hedging or garden features.

They are happy in any soil, in a sunny or shady site. But they don’t like compacted soil or waterlogging. Make sure to water newly established plants, but mature plants need little maintenance.

Did you know?

Christmas trees are a conifer! Pine trees are a very popular evergreen conifer.

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